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DEAM IDEA Conference - Breakout Sessions 2022

Check out the breakout session learning opportunities and facilitators at this year's DEAM Alberta IDEA Conference. 

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Session 1
Exploring the Intersectionality Between Race and Disability

Caribou Room 

Join Akinyi Aboka and Lionel Migrino, as they explore the intersectionality between race and disability. This presentation will empathize the importance of anti-racism in disability inclusion. Lionel and Akinyi will examine and challenge attendees to decolonize disabillity work. 

This presentation will:

  1. Explore what anti-racism is.

  2. Identify racial barriers in the disability community and how it impacts disability inclusion.

  3. Leave attendees with an understanding as to why we need to be anti-racist for disability justice.

Session 2
Human Centered Design at Chrysalis - Let's get HDCing!

Wolverine Room, Sponsored by Fluor

Hear from Allison Leigh, as she shares how Chrysalis adopted the Human Centered Design process throughout the organization in 2017. Since then, services, engagement and outcomes have been greatly improved. It has allowed us to come up with innovative ideas regarding supporting people finding meaningful employment.

The presentation would begin with an overview of what Human Centered Design (HCD) is and how it works, a short video about HCD at Chrysalis would be shown and then the breakout activity would be actually participating in a mini Ideation session to see how it works.

This presentation will:

  1. Cover what is HCD and how it works.

  2. Show HCD in action - a short video. 

  3. Include a breakout activity - a hands on Ideation Session. 

Session 3
Art and Essential Skill

Lynx Room

During this presentation, Bindiya and Heather will provide an overview of Prospect Human Service's unique art-based essential and employment skill building programs that we offer.


They who create these innovative workshops will walk attendees through the process of how art can be used as a tool for skill building and employment support. Through this session you will have the opportunity to participate in a shortened version of one of prospect's art skill building workshops.

This presentation will:

  1. Examine the process of how art can be used for employment support.

  2. Showcase ArtRecruits Program at Prospect Human Services.

  3. Include a breakout activity - a hands on art skill building activity.

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Session 4
Keynote Address Discussion & Topic Continuation

Arnica/Crocus Ballroom

Elise will continue the conversation from her keynote address, exploring further on such topics as intersectionality and disability as diversity. 

This presentation will:

  1. Include and be a continuation of Elise's keynote address.

  2. Address questions from the keynote address. 

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Session 5
Forum - Development of a Provincial Employment Inclusion Network

Arnica/Crocus Ballroom

Alberta has a number of regional networks such as the Edmonton Pan-Disability Connection, the Calgary Employment First Network and Employ-Us-YQL in Lethbridge. These employment service networks work collaboratively to achieve a number of capacity-building and employer engagement goals - as well as occasional policy advocacy. With the addition of the Gateway to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI-Hub) to the employment inclusion landscape, there are new resources to support the development, activities and coordination of a province-wide employment inclusion network.


Join members of Alberta's current regional employment inclusion networks for a brief presentation and forum to assess interest and identify priorities for a collaborative network of employment inclusion organizations. 

This presentation will:

  1. Include a presentation and proposal on a provincial employment inclusion network.

  2. Address Attendees questions on the creation of this network. 

  3. Identify priorities and needs of this prospective network.  

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